Feeling down was something that I had become used to, via the counselling sessions I had with Sue I learned to address this. I realised just how long I had been feeling this way and also that it didn’t have to be like that. I learned to accept myself and build up my confidence week by week. The counselling really helped me deal with issues I had been carrying around a while ,move on and become a happier person for it.
Thanks again,


Dear Susan
I just wanted to thank you for all your help and support. Talking
through things with you has been utterly life changing for me and I
now feel stronger and more confident to deal with life’s ups and
downs. It has been very inspirational to me.
Thank you again
Kindest regards



Counselling with Sue has given me back sunny days that I thought would never come. I have a new perspective on life which is more positive and hopeful. Being able to talk and work through my problems helped me make the positive changes that I desperately needed.
Anne, London

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