I have a diploma in Integrative Supervision, awarded by the Minster Centre and I offer Integrative Supervision to individuals or groups. Non counsellor clinical supervision and Reflection groups for those in Caring, Advice Managerial or Educative roles.

Supervision consists of dedicated time set aside for reflecting upon and determining actions to support and develop the supervisees practice.


Group Supervision

Group supervision is a regular (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) meeting for up to 5 peers to discuss client, customer or work issues that they would like to receive clarification and/or support with.

I work very much with facilitating these groups to help the members help each other in gaining insight and support, integrated with the benefit of my experience and professional background.


Individual Supervision

A regular (usually monthly) one to one meeting with anyone who wishes to get clarification and support with client, customer or work issues.

The Normative Function

This ensures that staff work within a safe framework for practice and maintain trust and professional standards, by exploring options within the supervision session. this is not to be confused with being instructed or managed, but will focus the practitioner on seeking advice from an experienced practitioner to develop their own plan of action.

The Formative Function

This is the learning component of supervision and promotes the development of my skills and knowledge within the area of clinical practice and the boundaries of your professional organisation.
The aim is to support practitioners to:

  • Develop an understanding of your skills and ability.
  • Assist with understanding clients better.
  • Develop awareness of feelings about client interactions and reflect upon interventions.
  • Explore alternative ways of working.

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